Lorena Kanaci
The course at The Way was a great experience for me. Shortcomings I had about the level I just finished
I don't have them anymore. The sessions I held were enough for me to recall the English language after i had 1 year without practicing.
The staff is very respectful and correct with the schedules. The environment is also very comfortable and
Cute. Any equipment needed to develop the classroom (projector, laptop, etc.) is
I like everything and am thinking of continuing to be a student at THE WAY!
Lorena Kanaci Student
Fatime Tola
Thank you for your excellent service. I have been very impressed. The teacher is excellent and I understand her very well.
I think here ,I will advance with my English. I have no complains abovd anything.
I feel good to be here. I will provide feedback for your service on social media, well deserved.
Fatime Tola Student
Ema Manxolli
I'm very pleased with the course developed at THE WAY. I really like the method used
as well as teaching from my cousin Linda.
The staff is very welcoming and available for everything.
I like programs that are tailored to the needs and levels of students.
Ema Manxolli Student
Eranda Serani
I have been a part of the THE WAY course for almost 1 year. I feel good about the environment teaching, with teaching, teacher and staff. THE WAY has enabled me to have an acquaintance with good of the German language for a relatively short time.
Eranda Serani Student
Kriseida Omeri
In March 2019 I started the German language course at THE WAY foreign language course center.
So far it has been a multiplayer experience.
I have also received comments from relatives who speak this language that I have advanced over a period very short, and not only from my commitment, but also from the staff prepared to do so there is a center. The staff is very communicative, regular, accurate in the information she provides and much friendly.
In addition, the conditions of class and office environments are new, well maintained, good - enlightened and provide all the tools necessary for the proper conduct of learning.
Kriseida Omeri Student
Kursi qe organizohet ne The Way TD ka shume aspekte positive. E para, pergjegjesia e mesuesve e cila garanton pergatitje optimal te kursanteve. Se dyti, organizimi i mire i materialeve dhe informacioni e ben procesin e mesimnxenies me te lehte dhe me te shpejte. Se treti, komunikimi I mire midis mesuesit dhe nxenesit e ben kursin ne vetvete te kenaqshem dhe rrit efikasitetin. Anglishtja ime eshte permiresuar ne nje shkalle shume te madhe. Kam mesuar shume fjalor, kam permiresuar aftesite e mia ne shkrim ashtu si dhe aftesite ne te folur dhe ne te degjuar.
Client Student

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