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Who Should Attend?

Course designed For those new trainers or with no formal knowledge about the design and delivery of training programmes. The course content focuses on the professional delivery of training to small groups in the workplace, rather than on one-to-one training skills.

Course Objectives

By end of course participants expect to:

  • Understand the component parts of the “Learning and Training Cycle”
  • Understand how and why people learn and what prevents them learning
  • Understand people’s different learning “styles”
  • Structure a training session for maximum success (Beginning, Middle, End)
  • Grab and maintaining the attention of the group
  • Adapt your training style through “presentation”, “facilitation”, “group leading” & coaching skills
  • Design training materials
  • Deliver effective training using group techniques


Number of Days: 2 Days |

 Duration: 6 Hours/Day 

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